Are You Ready To Discover The
Soul Essence  Alchemy In Your Life?

What is 'Soul Alchemy'?  
A Soul Essence Alchemist combines healing the essences of all parts of the being: 
 Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual.  

In the Soul Alchemy program we will divinely create a blueprint for awakening the DNA from a neurological and physiological standpoint. 

We will literally retrain the synapsis in your brain. 

We will transmute negative energies, thought systems and core beliefs into positive ones. 

If you know of someone with depression, PTSD, or anxiety, this work can assist in creating new patterns in the brain and emotions, healing the issue at the root.

The change in your life you are looking for is waiting!
I want to give you the tools to improve your life and achieve the desired results
 you are seeking.Isn't it time you breakthrough the barriers that have kept you
 fromfalling deeply in love with your own life?

Isn't it time understand yourself in such a deep way, that you can live
 the life of your dreams? Isn't it time to connect so deeply with your soul, that you are 
living a life of fulfillment?

What needs to be improved in your life? Your relationships?
 Your connection to you body?
 Your financial success?   
Your inner peace and guidance? Your own happiness?

Whatever area of your life you want to improve...
 I can help and I can show you the way! 
I am willing to work with you providing a Soul Alchemy experience, which is sure to heal your life, from the inside out!

Now, here is what you will learn during our time together:

  •  First, we will discover together what your aspirations for your life really are. We will draw a clear picture of your soul's calling and life purpose is at this moment.  

  • Then we will begin with the neuroscience of retraining the brain to your new story 

  • We will emotionally prepare you for this new story by healing wounds and inner child work

  •    We will work on physiology and I will medically intuit what your body is speaking

  •  Improve your relationships with greater communication skills
Here's what you get by committing to your personal growth ...
60-min or 90-min session

Text and email support inbetween sessions

 Access to special offerings 

 Free digital programs

 Invitation to exclusive events

Join now to ensure your spot! 

I am only interested in COMMITTED individuals who are ready to LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!

I want you to make a decision. Listen to your intuition and if this commitment to discovering, uncovering and recovering the deepest part of yourself sounds like something you might want to do then please give this gift to yourself!

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I’d like to introduce myself to you! I am Theresa Vigarino, Soul Essence Alchemist, Success and Mindset Visionary, Author and Speaker . I am here to remind you and reconnect you to the divinity that is you! Through your Divine Nature and remembrance, healing and awareness, you will come to the place where you can help your friends, help your children, help your mate, help strangers... you will become the lightworker that this world really needs. 

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