Soul Essence Alchemy Healing Session
What is it?
A soul healing session is a very deep, profound, transformational experience. We have dimensions to our being: Emotional body, Mental Body, Physical Body and Spiritual Body. During these sessions, I proceed to a deep meditation and prayer session for you and with your spirit. The process is lengthy, as my spirit goes to work immediately, and can take several “rounds”. Information is given to me about how to improve one’s life. This information is given to me from Yeshua (Jesus).  

During this time I will garner the assistance of the countless Angels and ArchAngels. Jesus, The Christ, will assist in this process as well as other Divine, Light Beings that volunteer or are asked to join in the healing journey.

What happens in the spirit dimension?
  • This varies from person to person. Often times there are past life belief systems and contracts that have carried over into this lifetime, held in the Akashic Records. These records are then accessed and the “slate is wiped clean” so to speak. This has a direct influence on relationships, connection to God and Self, soul purpose, health and vitality, abundance in finances and many more aspects of life and the evolution of one’s soul.
  • Sometimes there are generational connections to negative entities or energies that we disconnect and set firm boundaries of protection for the client. 

  • ​Old, negative patterns of thinking and believing are upgraded in the mind, illuminating the Mind of God, which exists in each one of us.

  • Trapped emotions from traumatic experience are healed and released, letting go of the root cause of repeating, unhealthy patterns in ,our present life. This can be in relationships, work life, money stories and health.  

  • ​Physical ailments are healed through the willingness of the Higher Self and that no more lesson is required for the physical ailment to exist. When we have a physical manifestation of a dis-ease, it is our entire being trying to get our attention. The body does not lie and will manifest a physical ailment when there is a need for healing in the energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual body. Physical manifestation is the last place a wound will reveal itself. Repressed emotions from traumatic experiences or inability to express emotions healthfully almost always result in some sort of physical ailment. 

  • ​We are multi-dimensional creations. Because of this fact, we can carry unhealthy, negative connections etherically. There can also be implants from other beings to have access to one’s energy. Those are removed and replaced with strength, love and protection.
  • ​An upgrade in the spirit dimension through activation of Christ Consciousness in the DNA, which elevates one to higher realms of consciousness, intelligence, love and wisdom, at the very least. A profound, deep connection to Spirit is enhanced and amplified through this process.
  • ​Chakra balancing and block removal. Chakra’s are our spiritual energy centers and when dimmed or blocked, we experience various emotional and physical manifestations that prevent health in all dimensions of our being. 

*    You can expect to feel a physical response to this healing process and upgrade in your energetic body. You may feel sleepy, thirsty, emotional, grounded, dizzy, hungry, lack of hunger, the list is endless as everyone is different. Honor yourself, most importantly! If you need to rest.. Please rest! If you need to eat.. Please eat! Whatever you are being led to do, honor that!!

*   Some old emotional trauma may release through feeling sensitive to energies around you. Allow grief, sadness, anger, frustration and any other emotion flow through and out of you. This is a release. Some of these emotional wounds may be transmuted during the sessions, others may still need acknowledgment and honor. Give unconditional love to yourself during this time and allow the pain to exit. Resisting emotions of any kind will keep the trauma trapped in your body, emotions, mind and spirit. At times, we will feel the pain and believe it to be real in the moment or that it won’t end. Neither is true. Feel the pain, send love and understanding to the pain, then release it. If you need assistance during this process, pray to Jesus, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for healing and help! This will pass!

*   You may feel like you have “mashed potato head”, which means that your mind may feel airy and you may not be able to engage in long conversations, or doing any extra work as your brain is being rewired and illuminated. Go easy on yourself and laugh at the silly things you may say or do because you may be in a brain fog. Again, everyone is different and this may not happen at all. Be ok with whatever flows!

*   You may feel a deeper spiritual connection that blossoms inside your heart! This is the juicy, good stuff that happens during the activation of your true DNA and removing the layers of wounds, hurt and disappointments that cover up our essence.

What can I expect after the sessions are complete?

*You will receive information that will help you on the journey. You may receive directives from the spirit for your growth and healing. I will share those with you after the work is done.

*You may feel a surge of energy and a compelling desire to skip around town! Whatever the urge strikes you, allow yourself to do it! Listen to the voice that will amplify its volume to you, guiding you to your best life.

*A sense of gratitude for the healing in the spiritual dimension. You may have feelings of overwhelm, with a humility for God that is natural and wonderful! This is amazing when it happens!

*Change! You will receive the transformation you are seeking! You will feel a deeper connection and ability to receive your own messages more clearly. You will have the opportunity to communicate with the Spirit much more intimately. Whatever you needed to change.. Trust it! Everything, including healing, happens in the spirit first - sometimes the emotional body and physical body can take a little while to integrate here in the physical plane. The important part is to keep your beliefs focused on the Miraculous, God, the Angels, Christ Consciousness and connection to all living creatures. Life is about connection. Oneness. Unity.

*You may experience a new vision for your life and what you want to experience. You may have a career change, relationship change, religion change, change of residence, change of perception. You may not have a big change like moving or career change, you may just experience a sense of peace, right where you are. Trust, whatever comes is in your highest and best good!

What to do during ascension symptoms if you feel “out of the body"?
Take a bath and connect with the water.

Eat root vegetables to bring you back into the body.

Move your body physically - through walking, bike riding, yoga, hiking. Anything that connects you to the body.  

Become ultra-present in your daily activities. When the mind wants to wander, bring it back to the present moment - no matter what it is! Even if it is cleaning the toilet, then be present with that task!

Breathwork is amazing! Connect to your breath and feel your chest and stomach expand and contract. Try counting to 7 on the inhale, hold the breath at the top of the inhale for one second, then exhale for 7 seconds, then hold at the bottom of the exhale. Control the breathing so it is a peaceful, easy flow. Try this for 5 minutes when overwhelm, out of body or stress hits you. This is also a great way to reconnect to the present when your mind wants to have you go down the rabbit hole of toxic thinking.  

Be in your heart. Live from you heart. Do what makes you happy. Have gratitude for being alive right here and right now.

 I am Theresa Vigarino, Soul Essence Alchemist, Author and Speaker . I am here to remind you and reconnect you to the divinity that is you! Through your Divine Nature and remembrance, healing and awareness, you will come to the place where you can help your friends, help your children, help your mate, help strangers... you will become the lightworker that this world really needs. 

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